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ERSAB policy

Policy and Guidance

ERSAB policy documents are available to download below within the categories provided:

Board Strategy

ERSAB Strategy 2016 - 2019 (pdf 550kb)

ERSAB Training Strategy 2018 - 2021 (pdf  240kb)

Board Strategy Delivery Plan 2017 - 2018 (pdf 420kb)

ERSAB Multi-agency Procedures for the Safeguarding of Adults with Care and support needs

ERSAB Multi-Agency Procedures for the Safeguarding of Adults with Care and Support Needs (pdf 4.0mb)

The appendices from the current procedures (above) are available separately below:

Appendix 1  Vulnerable Adults Risk Management Protocol and Self-neglect Best Practice Guidance (pdf 650kb)

Appendix 2 - Resolving Inter-Agency Disputes (pdf 125kb)


VARM Appendix 3 - Adult at Risk Letter (Word 45kb)

Appendix 3 - Procedure for Managing Allegations Against People in a Position of Trust (PiPoT) (pdf 370kb)

Appendix 4 - Procedure for the Undertaking of Large Scale Enquiries (pdf 190kb)

VARM Appendix 5 - VARM Tool (Word 55kb) 

Appendix 5 - SAB Timescales (pdf 100kb)

Appendix 6 - DVAP Flow Chart (pdf 90kb)

Appendix 8 - Operational Guidance: Making Safeguarding Concern Decisions (pdf 4mb)

Appendix 9 - Managing Safeguarding Adult Concerns Where the GP is the Alleged Perpetrator (pdf 350kb)

VARM Final Procedure January 2019 (pdf 651kb)

VARM Final Procedure January 2019 (word 186kb)

Expenditure Transactions £500 and over (excel 2.3mb)

Online Applicant Guide (pdf 1.2mb)

Paperwork Guidance (word 116kb)

SCIE Safeguarding Sharing Information (January 2019) (pdf 481kb)

Please note:
 this guidance replaces the Safeguarding Risk Management Framework Guidance.

Safeguarding Forms from the Multi-agency Procedure for the Safeguarding of Adults with Care and Support Needs

Adult Safeguarding Consolidated Paperwork 



Form 1 - Safeguarding Adults Concern Form (word 110kb)

Form 2 - Safeguarding Adults Screening Form
Form 3 - Safeguarding Adults Decision-making Form
Form 4 - Safeguarding Adults Outcome Report
Form 5 - MCA 2005: Mental Capacity Assessment
Form 6 - Safeguarding Adults Protection Plan 

Paperwork Guidance (pdf 200kb)

Optional Forms

Agenda for Strategy Meeting (word 45kb)

Chair Guidance Notes (word 60kb)

Consent to share information (word 45kb)

MCA 2005: Mental Capacity Assessment (word 25kb)

Professionals Meeting Minutes (word 90kb)

Safeguarding Adults Protection Plan (word 50kb)

Strategy Agenda Template (word 50kb)

Strategy Meeting Minutes (word 90kb)

Strategy Minutes Template (word 95kb) 

Other ERSAB Guidance

ERSAB Communication Protocol - Approved April 2016 (pdf 310kb)

Safeguarding Adults at Risk of Harm Protocol ERYC and SAB (pdf 230kb)

Information Sharing Agreements

Humber Tier 1 Information Sharing Charter (pdf 230kb)

ERSAB Safeguarding Adults Review Group Tier 2 Information Sharing Agreement v2.1 May 2018 (pdf 420kb)

ERSAB Audit and Assurance Subgroup Tier 2 Information Sharing Agreement (pdf 440kb)

Safeguarding Adults Reviews

Safeguarding Adults Review Procedure v1.0 May 2018 (pdf 850kb)

Safeguarding Adults Review Referral Form (word 30kb)

Regional Guidance

Regional Safeguarding Adults Reporting Framework (word 60kb)

National Guidance

Please visit the Professional Learning Resources page in the Learning and Development section to access other national guidance.

The Care Act 2014

ERSAB The Care Act 2014 Statutory Guidance Extract - updated March 2016 (pdf 170kb)

The Care Act 2014 (pdf 56kb)

Department of Health The Care Act 2014 Easy Read Document (external website)

Mental Capacity Act 2005

Mental Capacity Act 2005 (external website)

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Code of Practice (external website)

 Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice (pdf 955kb)

SCIE Directory of MCA Resources (external website)

NHS England MCA Prompt Cards(pdf 270kb)

DNA CPR Frequently Asked Questions Booklet (word 610kb)

The Lampard Enquiry (pdf 2410kb)

Bournemouth University - The National Centre for Post-Qualifying Social Work and Professional Practice - Next of Kin: Understanding decision making authorities (pdf 2mb) 

Bournemouth University - The National Centre for Post-Qualifying Social Work and Professional Practice - National Mental Capacity Act Competency Framework (pdf 859kb) 

Bournemouth University - National Competency Framework for Safeguarding Adults: A Comprehensive Guide (pdf 1.3mb)

Bournemouth University - National Competency Framework for Safeguarding Adults: Concise Version for Employers and Staff (pdf 2mb)

Department of Health & Social Care - Safeguarding Adults Protocol: Pressure Ulcers and the interface with a Safeguarding Enquiry January 2018 (pdf 280kb)

LGA Adult Safeguarding Improvement Tool (pdf 310kb) 

Hoarding Protocol (pdf 1.0mb)

Disclosure and Barring Service

Disclosure and Barring Service (pdf 18kb)

DBS Factsheet - The DBS and professional regulators (pdf 156kb)

DBS Factsheet Regulated activity (pdf 159kb)

DBS Referrals Guide - Employers and Volunteer Managers - when to refer (pdf 76kb)

DBS Referrals Guide - Relevant offenses for England and Wales (pdf 285kb)

DBS Referrals Guide - Local Authority referral duty and power (pdf 89kb)

DBS Referrals Guide - Relevant conduct and risk of harm (pdf 105kb)

For further information please visit:

GOV.UK - DBS referrals factsheet (external website)

If you need further guidance or require these documents in different formats please contact ERSAB on

Email: ersab@eastriding.gcsx.gov.uk

Tel: (01482) 396940

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