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PLEASE NOTE : we are unable to deliver any face-to-face training during government restrictions and we have no way of knowing how long this might continue.  In the meantime, we are keen that you have the opportunity to update and refresh your knowledge around safeguarding and have provided alternative options which are set out below.

Temporary Changes to Training Policy

We understand that people may be concerned about their training validation expiring as the three-year limit approaches.  In order to address this, we have made some temporary changes to the training policy. If you complete the relevant online training and evaluation form, you will be given a temporary certificate extending your validation by a further year. This is designed to update and refresh your knowledge until we can resume classroom training. 

Training Survey 

The East Riding Safeguarding Adults Board is making preparations for when we are able to resume safeguarding training at public venues. We will only do this when it is safe to do so and will be following all government guidelines.

As part of those preparations, we are conducting a survey of the likely demand.

In order to help us meet that demand, we would be grateful if you could clink on the link below and answer the questions as accurately as possible.

ERSAB Training Survey July 2020 

It should take about five minutes to complete.

Thank you for your cooperation

Online Training

We have created a range of online training which is outlined in greater detail below. The online training is offered as an interim measure and is not a permanent substitute for attending the taught sessions.  These will be run again as soon as we are able to use public venues and the restrictions have been lifted.

Please use the evaluation forms to provide feedback on these sessions and to claim your certificate. (Except for level 1, you must still have the necessary prerequisites before you can claim a certificate.)

Level 1 Training

As before, you have the option of completing the online training or downloading and completing the workbook. Although this would be valid for three years, we recommend face-to-face training as soon as it becomes available, particularly for new starters. 

Level one e-learning

Please use the link above to access the level one E-learning

Level one workbook


The workbook gives a basic understanding of safeguarding and can be used by staff and volunteers. The workbook can be printed and done in your own time and then discussed with your manager.  Offering a flexible approach to learning, it can be used at a convenient time, has to be completed with support and supervision from a manager, can be completed as a group activity or individually – it provides information and checks learning using a variety of questions. To download a copy of the ERSAB Workbook please click on the link above.  Answers are available to Managers from the SAB Administration team.  sab@eastriding.gov.uk

Level 2 Training

We are pleased to announce that we have created two level 2 and two level 3 safeguarding training courses which are now freely available on the ASC Leader portal, the training can be accessed via  ASCLEADER.CO.UK

Level 2 - Reporting Concerns

Level 2 - Mental Capacity Act

The above are for seniors/managers. For the MCA session there are three elements, the ERSAB MCA Video, the SCIE video and the presentation. Both sessions include an evaluation which you must complete in order to claim your temporary certificate.

Level 3 Training

Undertaking a Section 42 Enquiry

This course is suitable for delegates with safeguarding decision making responsibility, working in the voluntary and independent sector, working with 'Adults at Risk of Harm' within a range of settings.  This activity is also appropriate for those that supervise, manage or quality-assure the work of practitioners carrying out Section 42 Enquiries.

Level 3 Section 42

Vulnerable Adult Risk Management (VARM) Training

Safeguarding Adults - VARM training

This course is suitable for all delegates working within the voluntary and independent sector, supporting 'Adults at Risk of Harm' (formerly Vulnerable Adults), in a range of settings.

This course is suitable for delegates with safeguarding decision making responsibility, working in the voluntary and independent sector, working with 'Adults at Risk of Harm' within a range of settings.  This activity is appropriate for those that supervise, manage or quality-assure the work of practitioners.

Support to Care Sector Managers

Please see below a briefing for Registered Managers within the care sector designed to support safeguarding practice. This includes details on Safeguarding; Mental Capacity Act; Care Quality Commission and Managers Personal Well-being.  This resource is designed to support staff working in the care sector until the face to face training sessions can start again. 

A briefing for Care Sector Managers on safeguarding practice 

 Managers Briefing

Regular updates will appear on this website. In the meantime, if you have any questions about training please email  sab@eastriding.gov.uk or call 01482 396442

 Latest ERSAB Training Calendar 

ERSAB Training Calendar July - December 2020  (pdf 105kb)

ERSAB Training Booking Form

ERSAB Training Course Booking Form (word 53kb) 

Training Strategy

ERSAB Training Strategy February 2018 - January 2021 (pdf 240kb)

Training Pathway

ERSAB has revised its training pathway. For further information please refer to the following document:

ERSAB Training Pathway - April 2016 (word 45kb)

What Courses are Available?

Safeguarding Adults Awareness

Level 1 - Communication and Recording (3 hrs)

Level 1 - Recognising Adult Abuse (3 hrs)

Level 2 - Mental Capacity Act 2005 (3 hrs) 

Level 2 - Reporting a Concern (3 hrs) 

Level 3 - The Role of the manager (Full day)

Level 3 - VARM Vunerable Adults Risk Management (3hrs)

Level 3 - Section 42 Making an Enquiry (full day)

Level 4 - Cascade Training (2 days) 

Level 5 - Core Trainer (Individual Induction)

For further training information, please refer to the Training Calendar; or

Email: sab@eastriding.gov.uk

Tel: (01482) 396442.

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